Paleo in a Pinch


What you get:

  • 35 easy, delicious and nutrient dense recipes
  • A Beginner’s Grocery List
  • My Food Prep Process Guide
  • no-cook-paleo meal ideas
  • A list of my favorite products and where to buy them
  • My love ♥

This 86 page book is packed with allergen friendly recipes! There are 27 dairy-free recipes, 31 nut-free recipes, and all 35 recipes are gluten and grain-free! Additionally, 32 of the recipes are never before seen! 

Don't like eBooks? I don't blame ya. I myself prefer to hold a real book in my hands. Lucky for you, is formatted to be 8.5x11 so you can print it easily! 

For more information about why I wrote this little diddy, visit!

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Paleo in a Pinch